Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gain or Refresh your baby Maternity nurse Skills with our Maternity nurse Training (MNT).

Gain or Refresh your baby Maternity nurse Skills with our Maternity nurse Training (MNT).

We can help nannies or parents to obtain maternity nurse qualifications to help them refresh their skills or gain further maternity nurse qualifications. Our Maternity and Baby Academy (MBA) is now welcoming participants to take part in our maternity nurse training (MNT) - so you should be sure to come to us here at Peek-a-boo for Maternity nurse training.
Boost Your CV with Nanny Training and maternity nurse training. We offer a selection of maternity nurse and nanny courses in London (maternity nurse training) and our maternity and nanny training courses may be ideal for your needs. So you should be sure to identify your maternity nurse qualification holes within your skills or CV to ensure you work effectively and efficiently when caring for infants and babies. Our maternity nurse qualifications can also help boost your CV so you are more likely to secure high paid maternity nurse jobs after completing our MNT courses.

The Prestigious Maternity Nurse Training Course

This is how you become a qualified maternity nurse.
Our London based MBA maternity nurse training course allows nannies or parents to pick one to four modules of their choice or the option to complete all four modules to gain a prestigious MBA award. Anyone who takes part in this maternity nanny training course will receive a certificate (one for each module) and a reference upon completion of the maternity nanny training modules.

First Aid courses and Maternity Nurse Training

We are the only nanny agency to offer a two day nanny and aupair training in London and we also run an aupair orientation course. Here at Peek-a-boo we understand the importance of child safety, which is why we offer maternity training courses in London to ensure our nannies and maternity nurses are the best in London. We provide first aid nanny training which is suitable for nannies who want to join the voluntary part of the OFSTED child register (OCR). This course is not only great for enhancing maternity nurse qualifications, but this nanny training course is available for babysitters, au-pairs and parents - or anyone else who cares for a child and wants to brush up on their first aid baby skills.

Maternity Nurse Training Course

Peek-a-boo are offering a London based training school for nannies and maternity nurses. The maternity nurse and nanny training courses we run in London are for those who are hoping to do baby nanny work or maternity nurse work overseas or in the UK. The nanny training and maternity nurse training course will take place during a week day or a Sunda y and broken down in to 4 modules.
Improve Your Social Networks with Maternity Nurse Training and nanny training. Our maternity nurse training course can ultimately make you stand out from your competitors and help you obtain a higher paid maternity nurse job. Our maternity nurse training courses can also help you create a network of nanny and maternity nurse friends - which is particularly helpful if you are new to childcare or the UK.

Nanny courses, aupair courses and Junior nanny training courses

The junior nanny training and aupair training we do in London takes place over 2 days and will provide an introduction into Child Health and Safety, Cultural Differences, Problem Solving and Communication, Healthy Eating, age related child play, Child Development, plus more. It is the best training to become a qualified aupair or nanny in London.

Please call the nanny agency/maternity nurse agency and nanny training course school on 00442031670926 or email nannies@peekaboochildcare.com

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