Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Maternity nurse training in London-sign up for our courses now

To book your maternity nurse training please email nannies@peekaboochildcare.com or 00442031670926
Peek-a-boo, a leading au-pair and nanny agency in London, are the only learning centre in London to offer accredited maternity nurse courses and in house first aid for private child carers and parents.
Peek-a-boo are a leading nanny and au-pair agency in London who help to match qualified and experienced nannies and au-pairs with suitable placements and families. With over 2,500 child carers on their database, Peek-a-boo can help UK and overseas families find the perfect nanny, au-pair, maternity nurse or mother’s help for their situation and their family.
As Peek-a-boo are the only learning centre in London offering maternity nurses training courses and in house first aid training at their Maternity and Baby Academy, they can help child carers achieve qualifications which will enhance their CV and can help them successfully attain a child carer position. Peek-a-boo is now an accredited learning centre who grants their students with credits for each completed module, which will result in full accreditation when a child carer finishes the course.
Peek-a-boo’s unique courses are also often subsidised by government funding or the student’s current employer, and in certain circumstances, a child carer could be offered a discounted course fee. The MNT course is split into four modules:
1. Breast/Bottle Feeding and Weaning,
2. General Newborn Care,
3. Routine in Newborns and
4. Sleep Training in Babies.
Experienced former maternity nurse and Nanny, Nikki Cheneler, is the head trainer on the Maternity nurse training courses. In addition to help and advice on the course itself, Nikki can also offer top tips for child carers on everything from maximising their CVs to securing the best possible positions after course completion.
“Being the only accredited learning centre in London offering in house first aid and MNT courses, our students can rest assured they will receive full accreditation should they finish all four of the courses offered. The diploma is also internationally recognised so can be used both in the UK and abroad, and we strive to place every child carer in a suitable position upon course completion. We will also provide a tailor made reference from our agency regarding every student’s abilities and character.” commented a spokesperson for Peek-a-boo.
“Our unique courses run throughout the year, with a few spaces still open on our upcoming modules in June and July 2011, so we urge anyone interested to contact us as soon as possible to ensure their place.”

Please call the nanny agency/maternity nurse agency and nanny training course school on 00442031670926 or email nannies@peekaboochildcare.com

About Peek-a-boo:
Peek-a-boo is a leading au-pair and nanny agency that provides qualified childcare professionals to private homes across London and overseas. They have a range of nannies, au-pairs, mothers’ help, maternity nurses and night nurses on their database and also provide childcare courses, first aid courses, MNT courses and other refresher courses to nannies to update their skills and qualifications.

Sara Vestin Rahmani
Peek-a-boo Childcare
5th Floor
14th King Street
Tel: 00442031670926
Email: nannies@peekaboochildcare.com

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